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Science & Technology behind Neuro-Insight

Reasons why Neuro-Insight works

  1. Real time responses, free from outside influence
  2. Quantifies subconscious and emotional responses
  3. Consistent metrics across a wide range of media and platforms
  4. Measures that correlate with real behaviour
  5. Based on science, proven in the market
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Have You Got the Consumer Instinct?

Recent research shows that media people respond very differently to ads than the general population. Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro Insight UK, reports. Is this a familiar scenario? You’re watching TV at home with your partner or a friend (who doesn’t work in the marketing industry). The new John Lewis Christmas ad comes on and…

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Drain a brain. Make consumer neuroscience work for your brand

Understanding how the brain works is playing an increasingly significant role in marketing communications as marketers strive to improve the effectiveness of their advertising. Consumer neuroscience involves a range of different technologies aimed at measuring consumers’ brain activity in order to analyse subconscious reactions to advertising. These are difficult to assess objectively through conventional research…

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Our people

Heather Andrew CEO

A graduate of Cambridge University, Heather has over 30 years’ experience in the areas of marketing, market research and media strategy.

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Paul Newton Executive Vice Chairman

After graduating from the Universities of Durham and Amsterdam Paul joined Unilever as a fast track graduate management trainee (marketing). He spent 8 years with Unilever in the UK and South Africa culminating in a senior management role in the worldwide detergents co-ordination team.

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